How do I activate my Daypass? How do I activate WiFi service with Skyroam Solis?

    How do I activate my Daypass? How do I activate WiFi service with Skyroam Solis?

    There are two ways to activate your Skyroam Solis Daypass:

    Firstly , join your Skyroam Solis WiFi connection (the network name and password is located on the sticker on the bottom of your device).  Join that network on any phone, computer or internet-enabled device with a browser and visit 

    1. Using the web portal 

    • You can activate a daypass through the portal, press “START” on the screen after logging into your account

    Screen_Shot_2017-09-09_at_9.07.20_PM.png Screen_Shot_2017-09-09_at_9.19.38_PM.png

    After starting a Daypass, you can continue to check the remaining time by scanning the QR code on the bottom of the device, which will take you to, or alternatively, you can visit in a web browser to see the time remaining on your device's current Daypass: 


    2. Using the power button on the side of the device

    You can use the WiFi smart button on your Skyroam Solis hotspot. This is the glowing white button with the WiFi symbol on the top-facing surface of your Skyroam device.  If you want to confirm the Daypass is running, you can check by going back to or scanning the QR code to direct to the portal website. 



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      Ramsay Ellis

      There is no "status" page. When one goes to there is an immediate redirect to a login page. Once logged the screen immediately goes to the page to purchase more daypasses although I already have several. I see no status page. Screen shots would be very helpful here.