How to connect to my Skyroam Solis WiFi network

    How to connect to my Skyroam Solis WiFi network

    Getting started with your Skyroam Solis: 


    To get started:

    •  locate your unique WiFi network/SSID & password found at the bottom of your hotspot and connect to your Skyroam Solis network on any of your personal gadgets.

    • Open on your gadget connected to Skyroam's WiFi network, or scan the QR code provided on the bottom of your hotspot. Follow the provided steps to register using your e-mail, phone number, or Facebook.
    • If you are trying to register an email that is already registered with Skyroam or to another device, please visit our FAQ section for migrating accounts

    If you are still having problems registering your Skyroam Hotspot, please send an email to and include your full Skyroam Solis SN#. 



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      Pat Murray

      This product is impossible to set up. Why don't you have descriptions on what the color of the lights mean and indicator that you actually are pinging an outside ip?