Introducing Skyroam Return & Redeem Program

    Introducing Skyroam Return & Redeem Program

    Skyroam does not offer trade-in or swap options to upgrade Skyroam to Solis device; however, you can earn $20 in free WiFi credits for your Solis simply by sending us your Skyroam Hotspot! 

    We are offering 2 Free Global WiFi Daypasses to all customers who send us back their Skyroam devices. Don't worry, we will cover the shipping costs!  

    For customers in USA and Germany

    Follow these 3 simple steps


    1. Complete the form, below: 

    Skyroam Return & Redeem Program Participation Form

     2. In 24-48 business hours, you will receive a pre-paid return label to your email.  Please print this return label and use it so send back any Skyroam devices you included in the above form. 

    3. Upon receipt of your device, you will receive a code for 2 Global WiFi Daypasses that can be applied to your Skyroam account and used with the latest Skyroam Solis 4G LTE device. 

    *Limited Time Only! Offer expires 11/1/2017



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      Daniel Nestle

      Sorry but this is the worst trade in, ever. I travel to Japan 4x / year and bought Skyroam because I thought it would be a convenient an inexpensive alternative to global roaming data fees. But in actuality, at 3G connection speeds and with a 500 mb data throttle, using the device in Tokyo was below my expectations from the start. I found the connection to be unstable, slow, and very frustrating. Now it seems that the Solis will solve all of those issues...but with this meager incentive I doubt I will get the upgrade. AT&T now offers a $10 / day per device unlimited data package at LTE speeds and as long as I'm only using my iPhone, the peace of mind and low stress is worth the slight premium. That said, it would get quite expensive with multiple devices, so if I could get a Solis at a reasonable price I would certainly consider trying it out.

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      Steve Power

      I agree completely with Daniel. I just bought the original Skyroam two months ago. I'd be happy to get a LTE version with unlimited data, but offering only 2 free day passes for my brand new, $100+ device is a slap in the face.

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      As a word of caution I have had the 3g version for more then a year. Upgraded to the 4g version, the manual both on line and with the product is nonexistent, and I have had no luck in getting an internet connection. Spent a number of hours on my own, and days with slow Tech support. So my experience has been slow with the old unit and no connection with the new unit. I may have a defective unit but it is impossible to ascertain because of the horrendously inadequate documentation.