Signal problems -- device is disconnecting from network or seems slow

    Signal problems -- device is disconnecting from network or seems slow

    If your Skyroam device is disconnecting from the network or slowing down, there are some common reasons that this could happen: 

    1) You are too far away from the cell tower.

    2) There is something (or multiple things) between you and the cell tower that's interfering with the signal.

    There are really only 2 culprits causing these problems: distance and obstructions.

    Here are some common culprits that can obstruct cell phone reception: 

    • Terrain
    • Man-made obstructions and buildings
    • Vehicles
    • Vegatation

    Here are things you can and should try whenever this happens: 

    • Turn the Skyroam Solis off and wait for 5 minutes (this is called a hard reset)
    • Stop moving so much and so quickly 
    • Try to change your location if you are in a stubborn spot
    • Find a window
    • Go to a higher floor or try to get above ground
    • Go outside
    • Download an app that lets you find cell towers and signals (such as open signal)
    • Use a mobile service map tool 
    • Buy a cell signal booster

    MYTH: Skyroam should work wherever my cell phone works.  

    FACT: Although Skyroam will work in most places cell phones are working, this is not always the case. There can be differences between providers based on which cell towers plans may be connecting to.  Not any one device or provider connects to every cell tower out there.