Does Skyroam offer subscription plans for device owners?

    Does Skyroam offer subscription plans for device owners?

    Skyroam now offers unlimited monthly subscription plans (available for select Skyroam Hotspot and Skyroam Solis owners)!

    When you log into your portal at, you'll be able to see option to purchased an Unlimited Monthly Subscription (if this new feature has rolled out to your device yet). Please note that this feature is only available on select non-rental devices.

    Below is the process for checking whether your device is eligible for a subscription upgrade:

    1. Step 1 - click on option to purchase unlimited monthly subscription, and select "subscribe now" button on that following page

    2. Step 2 - Review pricing for the month and enter in a valid form of payment



    3. Step 3 - Once successful, you will be directed to the subscription confirmation screen. Click "OK" to confirm your purchase.


    Subscription Cancellation

    You can unsubscribe by clicking on the details of your plan and selecting the "unsubscribe" option:


    Subscription Pricing

    Skyroam Solis and Skyroam Hotspot subscriptions are now available for a limited time $99USD (80€ for EU customers). 

    Subscription refunds

    If you'd like to report a problem with your service or require technical billing support, please email  We can check your usage and troubleshoot any problems you encounter. 

    Data and Usage Policies

    You can read more about the terms of Skyroam data and service policy here.