Initial Hotspot Startup Guide & Portal Loading Troubleshooting

    Initial Hotspot Startup Guide & Portal Loading Troubleshooting

    This article pertains to startup and setup issues pertaining to Skyroam Solis and  With Solis, the circular light or "halo" around the WiFi start button will be spiraling clockwise during this time, which is normal during the initialization time period.  

    What is happening during the Skyroam Solis boot up?

    The hotspot is loading and searching for cellular service.  There are two steps of the initialization sequence: 

    1. Discovery of roaming network 
    2. Discovery of the local cellular network and obtaining a virtual SIM

    Common startup issues and questions

    If your Skyroam is having problems loading or updating, then the first thing we generally recommend to do is try to change locations.  

    The table below describes common startup issues/complaints and troubleshooting that can be tried to improve the situation. 

    Scenario Potential Cause(s) Troubleshooting: 
    The hotspot is stuck on steps 1-4.
    1. The country has no service
    2. Hotspot needs firmware update. Check your current version in the information tab via or the Solis App.
    3. The signal is weak/unstable
    4. Cannot connect to the local network.  
      • View our list of covered countries here:
    The hotspot is stuck on step 5 of 6 or 6 of 6 The specific area is without a strong vSim connection.


    • Try waiting longer (up to 15 minutes) as hotspot may be pending OTA update. 
    • Try moving around the specific location you are in. For example, if you are in a basement, or on the top floor of a high building, please move closer to a window or a more open area. 


    Please keep in mind that the Skyroam Solis may take up to 5-10 minutes to initialize if the signal is weak or if the hotspot is trying to download an over the air update through the connection, so often times giving the hotspot some additional time without power cycling will bypass the issue. 

    Please email if the above troubleshooting fails.