How to run software update on Skyroam Solis – LATEST VERSION v9.1.2.7

    How to run software update on Skyroam Solis – LATEST VERSION v9.1.2.7

    Thanks to your feedback, Skyroam Solis is better than ever!  These updates will improve your experience by speeding up startup time, providing faster and more reliable network, and providing more detailed connection status and data usage information.

    Please follow these instructions to update Skyroam Solis:

    1. Power on Skyroam Solis hotspot
    2. Connect your phone or laptop to your Skyroam Solis WiFi network 
    3. Login to your Skyroam account that is registered with your Skyroam Solis,
    4. Visit the Status page 
    5. Select “I”, Information icon at top left to visit Device Information page
    6. If you receive a pop-up prompt “ready to upgrade”, click “Yes”.
    7. If you do NOT receive pop-up prompt, click on red emergency update icon next to Version and click “Yes”
    8. Update will run automatically (will take up to 15 minutes).
    9. To confirm the update has completed, refresh Device Information page and look for version



    • NO DAYPASS IS REQUIRED to perform the update. The data necessary for the update is free to you.
    • Skyroam Solis must have cellular signal/reception when attempting to install the updates.
    • Your update experience may vary slightly from above depending on your current software version.


    Please contact a Skyroam Help Specialist at 855-SKY-ROAM or if you have any questions.