Solis WiFi App

    Solis WiFi App

    How do I download the app?

    If you have an iOS smartphone, visit Apple’s app store and type in 'Solis WiFi'. If you have an Android smartphone, visit the Google play store and type in 'Solis WiFi'.


    I do not have a Skyroam Solis, can I still use the app?

    No, our Solis App is only compatible with the Skyroam Solis. If you are a Skyroam customer with a different type of hotspot, you will not be able to use our Solis app.


    I had the beta testing version of the app. Is this the same?

    No, this is not the same. You can delete the beta testing version and download the live version from your app store. Please search 'Solis WiFi'.


    Do I need to create a new account on the app if I already have one on the web portal 

    No, you do not need to create a new account. Please log in with your existing email and password from your web portal

    If you are a new Skyroam customer, please create a new account on the app by selecting “log in or sign up” button on the welcome screen.


    My QR code scanning isn’t working. How do I connect?

    On step 2 of set up, please select “Connect Manually” and type in the WiFi credentials on the back of your Skyroam Solis. If this does not work, please visit your phone settings and connect from there.


    I am having issues with registration and pairing my hotspot to my account. What do I do?

    If you have any registration issues on our app, please complete registration on our web account portal at

    Once you are registered, you can still manage your account on the Solis App.


    How do I check my usages on the Solis App?

    1. Please visit the ‘Account’ page.
    2. Under ‘Device Control’ category, you will locate ‘Data Usage’ section.
    3. Data usage page will show you your daily usages.


    How to buy Daypasses?

    1. Please visit the ‘Shop’ page.
    2. Under the ‘Shop’ page, you will see variety of options.
    3. Select ‘Daypasses’ option.
    4. Select the Daypass bundles you would like to purchase.


    How to subscribe to Unlimited Monthly Subscription?

    1. Please visit the ‘Shop’ page.
    2. Under the ‘Shop’ page, select the Subscription option.
    3. Click on the ‘Subscribe on Skyroam Portal’ option.
    4. It will open a new browser and direct you to
    5. Once you login to the online portal, you may subscribe to Unlimited Monthly Subscription.


    How to apply Prepaid Code on the App?

    1. Please visit the ‘Shop’ page.
    2. Under the ‘Shop’ page, select Prepaid Code option.
    3. Input your code
    4. Once code is inputted, click on ‘Claim Code’


    How to see amount of Daypasses remaining?

    1. Please visit the ‘Shop’ page.
    2. On the upper right hand corner, it will display Daypasses remaining.


    How to see what version of Skyroam Solis software I am on?

    1. Please visit the ‘Account’ Page.
    2. Under the ‘Account’ category, select ‘Device Information’.
    3. On this page, you will see the version type, if you connect your Skyroam Solis.